We Pray for Chile

Father, we lift up the nation of Chile at this time.

We pray that wisdom lives big in the President of Chile, President Michelle Bachelet, as well as its other leaders, wisdom to know what to do in the midst of turmoil.

We pray for relief efforts for those injured to move swiftly to all who need aid. We ask that you send laborers to them to minister comfort to the hearts of those that have lost loved ones in this quake and subsequent aftershocks and tsunami.

Father, we ask that the ministers and missionaries that you have called there receive a greater boldness to proclaim the name of Jesus, and that the people in Chile call on the name of the Lord, Jesus and are delivered. Father, we thank you that the ministers and missionaries in Chile have a different spirit on them, just as it was with Joshua and Caleb. We lift them up as they boldly go forth to offer whatever assistance is necessary to cause peace and rest to those that have been distressed.

We thank you for your everlasting love that shall shine upon this nation in the midst of the devastation that the devil has wrought. And whoever receives your love and calls on the name of the Lord, shall be delivered. We further pray that what the devil meant for destruction, God will turn it around for His good through supernatural healing and deliverance for all who believe. In the name of Jesus we pray. So be it.

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