George, Founder of Marathon Faith


George Bridges, a stalwart in both the business and religious realms, stands as a testament to the power of faith and dedication. As the founder of Marathon Faith, George combines his extensive expertise in project management and business analysis with a deep-seated commitment to evangelism.

A Journey of Faith and Professional Excellence
George’s spiritual journey began in 1983 when he embraced Christianity, igniting a fervent passion for evangelism and workplace ministry. His dedication to spreading the Gospel is matched by his prowess in training business professionals worldwide, making him a unique figure in both sectors.or

Academic and Professional Milestones
In 1993, George graduated from the Word of Faith School of Ministry, marking a pivotal moment in his ministerial calling. Although he briefly joined Ford Motor Company, his heart remained steadfast in ministry. He soon transitioned to a role at Word of Faith International Christian Center, serving as the Director of Information Technology. This position enabled him to reach tens of thousands globally with the Gospel.

Blending Technology and Ministry
George’s pursuit of technological excellence led him to the International Institute for Learning, where he currently excels in training and development. His expertise in this field is not just a profession but a platform to further his ministry. In his spare time, George is devoted to spreading the Gospel through every available medium.

Active Ministry and Community Involvement
Beyond his professional endeavors, George is deeply involved in street ministry, prison outreach, and educational programs within the local church. His efforts extend to being a co-founder of Faith is Now Ministries, an organization dedicated to evangelism, prayer, and equipping believers to evangelize effectively.

A Life of Service and Leadership
George, along with his wife Carolyn, resides in Pensacola, Florida. Together, they embody the spirit of service and leadership, continually striving to impact lives through faith and action.

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