Welcome to Marathon Faith

Marathon Faith is more than just a religious organization; it’s a movement driven by unwavering faith and a commitment to transform lives. Founded by the devoted and ordained ministers, George and Carolyn Bridges, our vision extends beyond the boundaries of Florida to impact the United States and beyond.

Our Vision

We are committed to spreading the Word of God, guided by the teachings of the Bible. Our aim is to be a beacon of religious, charitable, and educational service, recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We engage the community through diverse methods, including media, preaching, teaching, and music, to foster a deep connection with faith and contribute to society’s betterment.

Our Mission

At the heart of Marathon Faith is the aspiration to communicate the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Lordship of Jesus Christ using various methods suitable for today’s dynamic world. This includes media outreach, preaching, teaching, revivals, healing schools, and conferences. Our mission extends to promoting bible study and education with a biblical world view, fellowship, and spiritual growth.

Serving the Community

Beyond spiritual nurturing, we serve our supporters and the wider community through pastoral care, supporting individuals in times of personal difficulty or crisis. We actively participate in humanitarian initiatives, reflecting the principles of love and service inherent in the Gospel. Our efforts also include providing counseling and coaching services aligned with Christian teachings.

Global Outreach

Our scope encompasses both domestic and international missions, focusing on nurturing Christian communities in underserved areas. We strive to operate educational institutions grounded in Christian principles, instilling faith-based values in younger generations.

Collaboration and Support

Collaboration is a key part of our mission. We seek partnerships with other Christian bodies to unite in spreading the Gospel and promote mutual respect and peace among various religious and cultural groups through open dialogue. Financial aid, driven by Christian compassion, is another crucial aspect of our work, as we provide assistance to those in need and contribute to enriching Christian culture and spiritual life.

Join Us on This Journey

At Marathon Faith, we are committed to spiritual growth, education, and service to the community, all anchored in the teachings and principles of Christianity. We invite you to join us on this journey of faith, learning, and community service.

Together, let’s make a meaningful impact on our world.

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