Haiti – What Now?

There is an outpouring of love, support and money to help the nation of Haiti.  People all over the world are watching the events as they unfold.  Over the last few months, people have joined together to help raise millions of dollars to support the rebuilding of this country.

Many of the scenes shown over the news and the internet are heart breaking and motivitating as we see the courage and the will of the Hatian people who survived this earthquake.  There will be hundreds and thousands of stories that will be told and perhaps many that will be untold. 

As we watch, help and pray, there is still so much to be done. This rebuilding will take people doing what they can, one day at a time.  Prayer, hope, love and support will continue to keep the country and people of Haiti moving forward.

I suggest that Christians direct their prayers to the following areas:

1. The people of Haiti
2. Childeren who lost there love ones in Haiti
3. Mothers, brothers,sisters, fathers, uncles, aunt, couzins, friends who survived
4. All the countries and governments who are sending aid to Haiti
5. The leader of Haiti
6. Agencies raising money

As you pray for others, we trust that God will continue to hear and answer your prayers.

George Bridges

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