Good News from Dominic Republic

This is a copy of an email from Ebony McDonald, a missionary friend in Dominic Republic, neighboring  country Haiti:

Hi Family and Friends,
After several inquiries of my welfare, I felt that I should send out an email to all of you to let you know that I am doing fine, and have not been directly affected by the earthquake that hit Haiti, the neighboring country to the Dominican Republic.  The earthquake was so powerful that it was even felt in the northern part of the DR, where I reside. Because I live on the coast, our province was put on red alert of a tsunami threat, but praise God, that was suspended within a couple hours after the first quake.
I have Haitian friends that are still waiting to hear from their families.  So I, like you, am in prayer for the people of Haiti and will be participating in the massive int’l effort to help them to the degree that God grants. 
Thanks again for keeping me in your prayers.
With love,

Ebony McDonald
Missionary to the Dominican Republic

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