A fictitious Interview with Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. King, you are really one of my great hero’s and I love your speach: ” I have a Dream”. But I would like to ask you these questions sir.

Dr. King, looking at things from your position now in 2014. I have a list of questions, sir:

1. Has the condition of the black man, white man, red man or any other color man really changed since you gave your great speech?

2. Do you see your dream coming true in America or anywhere in the world?

3. Do you think we as free people are on a path where all men can become free?

4. What would you say to the leaders of the Democratic Party today?

5. What would you say to the leaders of the Republican Party today?

6. Do you think Jesus is pleased with the progress that has been made in our land today?

7. What can I do to keep your dream alive?

8. Who would you vote for in the 2016 election?

Sir, My Dream is that Your Dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you think Dr. King would answer the questions listed above?

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