28 Day Challenge, Heaven’s Health Care Plan Vs The Government’s Health Care Plan

28 Day Challenge

Heaven’s Health Care


The Government’s Health
Care Plan

The major difference between
Heaven’s health care plan and the government’s health care plan is this:  The government can only provide help for us
after sickness has attacked one’s body. 
The help they provide is not a remedy to the illness, but money to pay a
doctor to diagnose a problem. That is not to say that the government doesn’t
care; that is simply the best they can do. 
Heaven’s health care plan, on the other hand, is able to do more than
just pay the doctor.  It demonstrates God’s
love.  God actually He sent Jesus to bare
all of your sicknesses, diseases and pains according to Isaiah 53:5. 

The way we apply it to our life
is to receive what Jesus did.  When I say
receive, I mean receive it like you would a nice slice of chocolate cake.  If I hand the plate with the chocolate cake
on it to you, you would reach out and take it and say, “Thank you very much.”  That’s the way you receive your healing.  You take it. 
How do you take it?  You take it
by saying, Thank You Lord.  I take my
healing.  Therefore, I’m healed of cancer
or arthritis (name whatever sickness has been ailing you). This healing is
good, and it is good to be healed!

Once we
get a hold of that one reality from heaven, we will never have to be afraid of
sickness again.


Isaiah 53:5

Matthew 4:23-24

Matthew 8

1 Peter 2:24

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