Friday, March 25, 2022

Day 25 - 31 days of Prayer, The Mountain of Entertainments and the Arts

Day 25

The Mountain of Entertainment and the Arts

To the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

Father, speak to the mountain of entertainment and the arts in the United States of America.  We take this mountain for the glory of God.  We take this day to pray for those whom You are raising up in the area of entertainment:  screenwriters, producers, directors, actors and actresses, television equipment professionals, event planners, singers, painters, sculptors, and all other entertainment and arts professionals.  We stand in agreement with them for finances to support their endeavors.  We thank you that they grow in grace, Your unmerited favor.  May they lean on You so that Your will may be done in their life and they may have a great effect on our nation as they are able to preach the gospel through their craft.

May they be surrounded with angelic assistance to keep them safe. May they be filled with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. May they continually cry out for Your wisdom and You answer them and make their path straight.

Thank You, Father, for Your direct influence upon their hearts as they walk in their divine calling.

We ask these things in Jesus’ mighty name.  Amen.

Scripture References:

Psalm 5:12; 34:7
Proverbs 1:20
Philippians 4:8

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