Sunday, July 9, 2017

Psalms for Summer - Day 9


Psalm 68:19 (King James Version)

By George Bridges

Ps 68:19 Blessed [be] the Lord, [who] daily loadeth us [with benefits, even] the God of our salvation. Selah.

Today, in every major country and every major city we are all a part of society that is moving at such a rapid pace.  We get email from all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have jobs and responsibilities that become ever so demanding. With instant messaging, cell phones and pagers we are connected to every aspect of society.  But with all of this we need to maintain our quiet time, our time of devotion and fellowship with the Lord.  It is not enough to say a quick prayer and read one or two passages in the Bible and then be on our way to take care of the things in our life. 

The word “Selah”, means to pause and calmly think about what was just said or written in the scripture.  We need to read the Bible and then pause and calmly think about what we just read.  This passage of scripture is saying to us that we should bless the Lord every day.  Why?  Because, every day the Lord blesses us with our daily provisions. The Lord does not give us just enough; This passages says that He loads us with His benefits daily.  We need to Selah, pause and calmly think about that. 

It is like going to the market to get some fruit and vegetables for that day.  But when you check out, your basket is only one quarter full.  The owner who knows you, decides to fill your basket full of all the things you want for the week at no extra charge. So now you have enough for many days and some to give to others. Selah, pause and calmly think about that. 

The Bible, which is God speaking to us is full of everything we need to be successful.  The God of our salvation is not just concerned about our eternal life, He is also concerned about our daily living. 

In our fast moving lifestyles, we need to slow the pace down, relax and spend time fellowshipping with God because, He is not on our time clock, we are on His. We need to pause and calmly think about the Word of God and bless God with our lips, through praise, worship, psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

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