Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Psalms for Summer - Day 19

You Are On His Mind

Psalm 139:17 (Amplified Bible)By Carolyn Bridges

How precious and weighty also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them!

You are on God’s mind. He loves you so much that He thinks about you day and night. And His thoughts are precious toward you. That means that He is thinking many, many, many good thoughts about you.

Now our Lord Jesus (bless His holy name) is our example of how we are to live. Jesus said that He always does the works of His Father. Therefore, if God thinks precious thoughts about us, then Jesus does too. That then begs the question, what are you thinking about the people around you?

I have been offended many times. Then I would have to do as the Word says, go to the person who offended me, get it straight, and then continue to love that person. But there are certain people who can do certain things that really get to me. We seem to have this imaginary line, that if someone crosses it, they are in trouble with us. Well, someone crossed my imaginary line. And it made me mad. I forgave them (so I thought), but every time I thought about them the thoughts were not very nice. I didn’t wish them harm, but I just didn’t think good thoughts about them. I thought Satan sent them, himself. You may know how I feel. If you don’t, then you know someone who does.

One day, the Lord interrupted my thoughts and said to me, “My thoughts about them are precious.” That was all He said. I was so convicted. I thought, If God’s thoughts about them are precious, who am I to even think evil about them. If His thoughts are precious, then I will deliberately think precious thoughts about them.

We like to know that we are on His mind. But it is also true that they, the ones who offended you, are also on His mind. And as He thinks, so must we. They may hold things against you. But that doesn’t mean that you should lose your peace and be out of fellowship with God. You may not ever become their close friend, but that’s o.k. At least you are not in strife with them, and there can be peace even in a general acquaintance relationship as far as you are concerned.

I have always said, this earth is not big enough for me to be in strife with anyone in it. Strive to be at peace, because His thoughts about you are precious.

Have a great day in the Lord

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