Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clerk Battles Robber With the Bible

The Name of Jesus  .......

My wife shared the link that you are about to see.  It is a situation where a robber came into a retail store and held up the clerk at gun point and demanded money. Instead of the clerk acting in fear, she used the "Name of Jesus" and commanded the robber to leave.  She refused to be a victim and she refused to be robbed.  What about you, are you being victimized and robbed in you life?  Do you know the "Name of Jesus" and how to use the "Name of Jesus" in your life situations.

There is peace in the Name,  love in the Name, joy in the Name and there is power in the Name of Jesus! Be the victor and not the victim.   Take a look at this video.  ...... Click now to watch

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