Saturday, March 23, 2013

Are you working on the right job? What is your profession?

You may be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a coach, an athlete, a minister, pastor, or a student. Whatever our profession, you need to be good at what you do. Did you know that your profession is not you. You are unique! When God made you, he only made one and he threw that design away. There is no one like you and God is very awesome in that regards. He knows you, he knows your concerns and he knows your problems.

When you feel down and out, you can talk with God. How? By prayer, because prayer is talking to God. Talk to Him now. To know more about prayer, visit our website at

Your profession is not too big or too small for God. God is good and He loves you!!!!! Talk to Him now, His  phone line is not busy!

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