Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Sleeping Giant

How to Awake A Sleeping Giant

by Carolyn Bridges

Even a sleeping Christian can overcome the devil’s plots and schemes.

I was in prayer one morning speaking softly to the Lord when I heard the devil say, “After all these years, you are in this situation again?” My response: “I may have been sleep some of the time and awake at other times over the last 32 years. That just goes to show you that even a half sleep Christian can take the Word of God and whip the devil’s head and keep him under foot. He never killed me. He never overcame me with sickness and disease. I remember times when sickness made me feel as though I wanted to just die, and the Word overcame it. I have seen financial victory after victory. And that was when I was half sleep. Now I am awake. Oh, MY GOD!!!!! The best is yet to come!

Have a Great Day in God.

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