Monday, January 23, 2012

What does Charles Barkley and Tim Tebow have in Common?

I am writing this because of a clip that was played of Barkley on the news about Tim Tebow. What does these two athletes have in common? Some obvious things they have in common are:

1. They are both athletes
2. They are very famous

But that is as far as I can go with the similarities. (If you know of other similarities, please leave them in the comment section below)

Barkley was ranting about all the hype Tebow has been getting before the playoffs two weeks ago. He said he was tired of hearing about Tebow. He called the media attention "A National Nightmare"

What I know about Tebow is that:
1. He openly confesses his faith
2. He is a big role model to a lot of people, especially kids.

What I know about Barkley is that he openly said he did not want to be a role model for kids. How sad, they are watching him anyway!

So, since Denver lost to New England, is the "Nightmare" over?

Not really, what Christians have been praying for over the last 3 - 5 years is a Great Awakening to God and the things of God and that is happening now. For some the nightmare will begin when Jesus returns. For those who live without accepting Jesus, the nightmare can end by asking Jesus to come into your life and save you.

You have a debt that you cannot pay and Jesus paid a debt that He did not owe. That is grace and by telling you this is the good news (the Gospel)

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