Friday, January 6, 2012

Should You Pray in Public

If you live in the US you are aware of all of the drama over football players praying in public. For years, in watching football games, the athletes who made touch down do all the dancing and gyration. Some of the things they did were not to my liking and did not seem appropriate. Where was the outcry and the drama over this end field celebration? Where were the talk show host who rant and rave about a football player, bowing and praying? Personally I say, let Tim Tebow do his thing. I applaud what he is doing and want to see more of that than the dancing stuff. Let him bow and give thanks to an awesome God! Hey, give me a minute .......... I just bowed and thank God that you got a chance to read this.

I was a Florida Gator athlete long before Tim Tebow, and it would have been great if we had done more bowing and praying in public. Thank God for the boldness of Tim Tebow.

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